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Cost of travel in Iran

Please note that the exchange rate used in this post is 1€=15,000 Tomans. Exchange rates are currently extremely unstable in Iran but I decided to go with the most common rate for the beginning of 2019.

Sim Card

Getting a sim card in Iran is easy and cheap. You can get one at Irancell’s counter in Imam Khomeini airport and it would set you back by 3€. You can use it all across the country but don’t expect rocket speed internet.

Cost of Accommodation in Iran


4-5 star hotels in Iran are sometimes too expensive for what they offer and could be a big portion of your cost of travel in Iran. There are a few of them that meet world standards for 4-5 star hotels. For most of them, you just have to lower your expectations.

Price range: 50€-100€ per night


Hostels in Iran are a new thing but they’ve been thriving in the past few years. While there’s still not that many to choose from, I hear new ones opening up all the time. A little search on google will take you straight to them.

Price range: They start from as cheap as 4€ for a bed in a shared room and go up to 40€ for a private family room.


Ecolodges are my favorite type of accommodation in Iran, especially if I’m staying in remote areas. They’ve become relatively expensive recently but they offer an authentic traditional experience and come with delicious homemade food. Not to mention, they are also environmental friendly at most times.

So if you’re staying at small desert towns, or exploring rural areas in the north or west of Iran booking an ecolodge could be a rewarding experience.

Price range: 10-20 €

Cost of transportation in Iran

I’ve written a long well-explained post on all types of transportation and their costs in Iran that you can read here. But here’s a summary:

Domestic flights: Domestic flights in Iran can cost as cheap 7€ Tomans to 35€. Normally they are around 20€ Tomans.

VIP Buses: VIP buses are the cheapest way to travel in Iran. They are also extremely clean and comfortable. For 4-10 trips, one-way tickets can cost 2-4€. The price can go up to 10-13€ if distances are extremely long. Regardless, they would still end up very cheap in your local currency.

Taxi: The price of taxi in Tehran can vary from 1-3€ Tomans but it costs much less in other cities.

Metro: Metro tickets are as cheap as 30 cents for a one-way ticket.

Cost of food in Iran

Food in Iran is generally cheap. Even a luxurious restaurant wouldn’t hold you back by more than 20€ per person. A decent meal in an average sit-down restaurant will be around 7-10€. Fast food menus will cost around 3€ at most. A cup of coffee will never go above 1.5€. A bottle of water in Iran costs almost 10 cent and fruits and vegetables are so cheap that people buy them in kilos.

Cost of entrance fees in Iran

If you’re into museum hopping and enjoy feasting your eyes on spectacular palaces and jaw-dropping mosques, then you should be warned that your cost of travel in Iran could easily add up. Most of the main attractions cost less than 2€ apart from Golestan palace which could end up being 7.5€ if you intend to visit all the palaces.

Entrance fees for foreigners are much higher than Iranians as in many other developing countries so don’t be surprised if you see two very different rates at the entrance.


Melika Shirazian

Hi there! I'm Melika an Iranian girl who loves traveling and to be honest my country is one magical place that everyone should pay a visit.

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